What Clients Say

Congratulations on your promotion! “We rise by lifting others” – and this is exactly what sets you apart from many! Thank you for your passion and dedication! My family and I are in great hands 😉

Adeline YapClient Onboarding Executive (Financial Services)

There is only ONE financial consultant I would recommend – and that is Michelle. Dedicated and genuine, not only has she helped me in my financial planning she has also helped my family and friends with utmost professionalism. She truly deserves the award.

Amelia LewTalent Acquisition

I used to think that insurance agents were all about making sales and closing the deal, but a good agent like Michelle has proven that agents are in fact your partners in life when it comes to life planning. Michelle has provided me with great and sound information on how to safeguard and plan for my future. She is patient and extremely passionate about what she does. I would recommend her to my friends and family.

Rayner SeahCopywriter

I have met other agents before but I found Michelle to be much more sincere and caring. She has showed me various ways in which some plans can help me in planning for my future like building a bigger retirement nest. She is reliable and someone I would trust to be my Financial Advisor.

Elaine ChanCompliance Officer

My initial perception of financial planning was that someone would help me to manage my finances. However, after meeting Michelle, I understand that it is more than managing money but also thinking ahead for my family’s future, as well as how I can invest or save wisely for better coverage and returns. Michelle is hardworking and dedicated to her work. She has shown me how proper planning can help to protect me and my family.

Jolene LimShipbroker

Financial planning used to be a dreadful process for me because of my experiences with agents selling lots of products without understanding my needs. After our discussion, I found that Michelle is different. I also feel that the customised products are useful in my planning. She is friendly and approachable, and is not someone who only meets up to sell policies.

Elaine ChuaResearcher

Michelle you are doing a wonderful job. You are diligent and hard working, keep it up. Stay strong and all the best!

Jitin SehgalHead, Compliance (Financial Services)